World of Soul Motorcyclist Association is a free-standing collection of motorcyclists born out of the World of Soul Motorcycle Community network to benefit from organized infrastructure reaching the depth and diversity of the motorcycle community. We aim to deliver value and support through various products, programs, services and events in partnership with commercial entities.  
We recognized at the onset we are where the riders are.  Since then, we set out to form an entity to serve all riders reflecting the unity, depth and diversity of motorcycling.  
Our work is accomplished through activities in public relations, marketing, communications, training, special events, relationships with motorcycle dealers, original equipment manufacturers and related companies to produce a return for our advocate members and the communities from which they live and serve.
We are not a club or sanctioning body.   The services provided by World of Soul Motorcyclist Association are ideal for all riders regardless of club membership, association or motorcycle coalition affiliation.  
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