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Terry Hardy


World of Soul® Motorcyclist Association



July 15, 2014



To the Motorcycle Riding Community in the State of Oklahoma




(CHICAGO,  IL)   World of Soul® Motorcyclist Association (WOSMA) is a growing national motorcyclist association stemming from the African-American riding experience but open to all riders regardless of nationality. We originated as a byproduct of World of Soul Motorcycle Community®, established in 2007.  Our focus is driven by local teams of Riders United to Serve Humanity®.


WOSMA is not a club.  It exists primarily to connect the motorcycle community to commercial interest to negotiate discounts, establish national road assistance and provide an accidental death and dismemberment supplement.  Building the association provides a sustainable platform to combine our resources through membership to make good things happen in the community in a manner unprecedented. 


Under the direction of World of Soul Motorcycle Community® brand message, together, we are accomplishing great things to positively impact the riding community and the lives of people in the communities in which we live.


Remember, the main objective of this national association is to add value to your unique riding experience through products, programs, services and events.  Examine our track record and see for yourself the value presented and then respond accordingly.


We’ve negotiated cash savings in partnership with participating dealerships, made available relationships with insurance companies , advocated access to more motorcycle safety and training, civic education campaigns, college fairs, college tours and a national awareness campaign called, “Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE®” that tells a story about America’s history that says despite our challenges we have always found ways to move the nation forward.


To build upon this foundation, we are looking for 1) new members to help grow the association and receive the benefits and 2) individuals to organize to reflect the diversity in motorcycling with a local leadership team to relay the opportunities coming forward.


With the legacy of Black Wall Street among you, the riding community of Oklahoma is in a prime position to send a message to the nation about what is possible within the African-American community by supporting the building of this national association now.


We pray for your decision in support of CHANGE and HOPE for an improved riding experience through World of Soul® Motorcyclist Association. 


Join today at


Please, kindly share this letter and the information attached with the local riding community.





Terry Hardy


World of Soul, Inc.

World of Soul® Motorcyclist Association






Frequently Asked Questions



What is the history of the association? 

The association stems from World of Soul Motorcycle Community, established December 2007; and later incorporated as a motorcycle community organization.  See the Preamble.


How will the World of Soul Motorcyclist Association benefit the community? 

The association will deliver relationships with commercial interest to add redeemable value its members riding experience.  It will provide access to opportunity typically not obtainable for historically underserved segments of the motorcycle community. It will make available products, programs, services and events catered to their unique interest. World of Soul Motorcyclist Association offers a way by which the community can be recognized by major manufacturers’ dealer points, community organizations, institutions; local, state and federal governmental agencies...even the White House.


Why do I need World of Soul Motorcyclist Association if I already get a discount at my local dealer? 

Your membership can save you money while traveling on the road at participating dealerships and lodging with national chains such as Motel 6.  But even more important is the ability to have an organization to combine resources to make good things happen for you on both a local and national level.


Why do I need World of Soul Motorcyclist Association if I already have roadside assistance through a motor club, my insurance company etc.? 

Imagine being stuck 300 miles away from home with only 150 miles of roadside assistance coverage with your existing service provider.  You can never have too much roadside assistance coverage.[1]


We are already in an association? 

Are you asking us to leave our association and join yours?  No, World of Soul Motorcyclist Association does not replace your local association or coalition.  World of Soul Motorcyclist Association delivers value to the existing proposition clubs, coalitions and local associations offer their members.


What are your requirements for membership? 

Anyone seeking to benefit from the opportunities made available through membership can join. Membership is open to ALL motorcycle riders regardless of whether you are an independent or club member.


What exactly does the association do?  What are the benefits one can look forward to or expect? 

The association facilitates access to opportunity.  For example: We do the outreach work to obtain discounts and incentives at manufacturer dealer points, roadside assistance, accidental death supplement and a whole lot more. Other benefits include events like Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE we execute in local communities and synergy from the White House to the clubhouse on the issue of education.


What is the World of Soul Motorcyclist Association looking for from my local community? 

World of Soul Motorcyclist Association is looking for members to subscribe and receive the benefits and team leaders as representatives.


Who are the Riders United to Serve Humanity as shown at the bottom of the card? 

They are team leaders; the conveyors of products, programs, services and events to World of Soul Motorcyclist Association members in local communities.


Is there a fee to join and dues? If so, what are the amounts? 

There is an annual fee and no monthly dues.  There are three levels of membership to choose from; Advocate $24.95, Advocate Plus $49.95 and Advocate Premiere $89.95.   See membership brochure for full details.


How do I become a member? 

Simply go to Click the tab labeled, “REGISTER.  Fill out the form and pay the appropriate fee.  

















































Photo taken during the Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE in Tulsa in 2010.

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