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World of Soul® Music Group is proud to present






Spike Rebel Rock CD Commentary



A poetic genius with the knack for multiple instrumentation and quality studio engineering, Spike Rebel is the ultimate talent, untapped, and ready to be unleashed into the mainstream of American music.


“World of Soul Music Group’s much awaited launch is christened with Spike Rebel’s debut CD, “I Scream”.  Named after its title track, it contains forty minutes of nonstop movement.  The relatively short length delivers a great arrangement of thump and deliberation into a telescopic vision of circumstances both personal and external.  From himself, to relationships, to all of us in society, the journey introduces many questions challenging a breakthrough of expression.”


-Terry Hardy, CEO - World of Soul Music Group




  • Like the question made amidst the hectic reality of ones existence, responsibilities and creative obsession of thoughts emerging constantly, “How can I silence my mind?” he asked.


  • The second track, “Memorized” goes into the impact of attraction and hypnotic intrigue of the female. 


  • On the other end of the spectrum calls for a momentary break. Leaving the past behind on a motorcycle from the stress and a broken relationship.


  • Who hasn’t been in love with a dirty woman?  She’s hot, but she’s dangerous.


  • In a nation filled with violence, the people are desperate for solutions.   Where is the hope?


  • Can we change?  The counsel of Dr. King serves to contrast the conditions described casing hate in a vocal overlay.


  • The critique of complacency of the status quo despite the issues negatively impacting the community causing the conscientious person to scream in frustration calling for action.


  • The relationship ultimatum to remove restrictions caused by jealousy and insecurity to be free to be ones self.


  • Chaos breeds rise for a spiritual retreat on two wheels riding in a World of Soul.


  • We (in a World of Soul) lay the foundation for the future and go for the ultimate reward as trendsetters, “We are leaders in this race.”


  • “Music from the god inside …Like a lion I am trying to roar”, he states while thanking listeners for considering the tracks.


That’s Spike Rebel…



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