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Raising awareness at local events

Updated: Mar 13

Throughout Chicagoland, sponsoring events with our community partners makes it possible to connect with audiences that we would not ordinarily have an opportunity to reach.

We plan the best possible approach to engage riders and community members to convey who we are, what we are doing and ways to connect.

When the event is over we have more work to do to process all of the contacts we've made - like from all of you who participated in the free raffle. Well, really it was a way to get your information. Let's face it. It's the truth. But we hope you enjoyed the prospect of winning a prize. The kids seemed to get a kick out of entering their parent's names into the drawing. A couple of them actually won! Those kids faces lit up with joy which for us made it all that much more worth the effort.

Our entire focus centers around young people and the future of this great country we call, "AMERICA".

The challenge is getting all of the important points out to the public (in such a short time at the booth) so that they can respond accordingly. That's really not possible. Because people come to the event to have fun.

That's why the folllow-up has to be well thought out and welcomed because information has been shared for the purpose of winning a prize at an event - nothing more. When you filled out the WOSMA ENTRY FORM you were entered into our database. You received a follow-up text message to confirm your status as a motorcycle rider. You can opt-out of any future correspondence if you decide to do so with a simply reply, "STOP".

Getting back to the point of why we are at the events and what we want you to know brings me to the following.

While we have an overarching community benefit, our primary focus at this stage is connecting with motorcycle riders and funders.

  1. To grow a national motorcyclist association as a base of support and provide support to motorcycle riders;

  2. Through Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE Foundation, encourage support for youth pursuing a post-secondary education or the career of their choice and;

  3. Building the first ever World of Soul Motorcycle Community Center for Youth Development.

To raise awareness and support we are producing the following events:

  1. Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE in Chicago, IL

  2. World of Soul Motorcycle Community Conference at Hilton at Oak Lawn, IL

  3. World of Soul Motorcycle Rally at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL

  4. World of Soul Gala at Chicago’s Navy Pier

We are seeking support in 3 areas:

  1. Outreach - Help us get the world out!

  2. Event Participation - See you at an event!

  3. Fundraising - Sponsor, Donate or Become a Member!

I hope this rambling produced a better understanding about what we are doing and why we need your support.

Feel free to call with any questions. As always, we can be reached at 773-220-2602.

Terry Hardy


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